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  • Chipotle Restaurant Menu Review

    The best option here by a landslide is the salad at just 10 calories. The runner-up would be the tacos since it’s the second lowest in calories and carbohydrates.
    Brown Rice
    10 cals I 2 g carbs

    3 Hard Taco Shells
    200 cals I 29 g carbs

    3 Soft Flour Tortillas
    250 cals I 40 g carbs

    Brown Rice
    210 cals I 36 g carbs

    Brown Rice
    320 cals I […]

  • Summer Watermelon Cocktail (No Sugar Added)

    Enjoy this refreshingly sweet, no sugar-added watermelon cocktail. Much of the calories here come from the alcohol. Only 20 calories come from the other ingredients. Watermelon is a wonderful sweet summer fruit to use as a natural sweetener. Make a large pitcher and invite your friends over!

    Serving: 1

    1.5 oz (45 ml) white rum
    1 oz (30 ml) fresh watermelon juice (blend […]

  • Throw a Healthy and Delicious Cookout!

    Guest Blogger Carly Waldman is a student at West Virginia University studying nutrition sciences. In her spare time, Carly volunteers at the fueling station for the D1 athletes at WVU and is also president of the soccer club.Memorial Day weekend kicks off the beginning of summer that is commonly celebrated with a barbeque. A BBQ is known to have a […]

  • Chick-fil-A Restaurant Menu Review

    The Restaurant Menu Guide is a list of all of the healthiest menu options at a particular restaurant so you can enjoy dining out the Yummy Body Nutrition way.

    American fast-food

    Egg White Grill
    Egg White Chicken Grill
    Greek Yogurt Parfait
    Fruit Cup

    Always order the “deluxe” sandwiches which comes with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and pickles for some added fiber. If you do order cheese, the […]

  • Alcohol: Which is the better option?

    Source: CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    When choosing between wine, beer, spirits and cocktails, which is the healthier option? There is a common misconception that alcohol is the enemy because it is a carbohydrate which is not true. Alcoholic drinks contain carbohydrates, but alcohol in itself is not a carbohydrate. A true carbohydrate molecule is made of carbon, oxygen, […]

  • 7 Healthy Foods That Are Secret Calorie Bombs

    Photo Credit: The Girl on Bloor
    Buddha Bowls. What are they? Buddha bowls gained a lot of popularity last year mostly because these bowls were beautifully captured all over the internet by food bloggers. The Huffington Post even published an online article titled “2017 Is The Year Of The Buddha Bowl.” These bowls are bright and colorful with lots of textured […]