1-on-1 Nutrition Counseling


At Yummy Body Nutrition, we focus on providing a safe environment for individuals to come in and focus on their health. Whether you are coming in because you want to lose weight or to lower your cholesterol, we will tailor your diet to fit your lifestyle. You’ll learn the power of having a protein, fiber and fat with every meal, what foods to eat to feel satisfied, and how to change your relationship with food for a lifetime.

3 Key Factors

The trifecta


Protein is the primary component of many body tissues such as skin, hair, and muscle. Protein is digested slowly and helps give us that feeling of satiety.When mixing in lean animal or plant protein at each meal, we can stay full and prevent hunger crashes throughout the day.


Fiber is made up of complex carbohydrate molecules and is the part of plants that our bodies cannot digest. It can only be found in plant products. There is a reason why dietitians say “eat your fruits and veggies!” because it’s the only place where you can get fiber. Fiber helps creates a sense of fullness, satisfies hunger and prevents overeating which all aid in weight loss.


The concern that eating fat makes one fat is one of the biggest nutrition myths going. Like carbohydrates and protein, there are healthy fats out there as well as some that are downright damaging. Each client will receive a list of health promoting fats to incorporate into their diet. Fats provide energy and allow for the absorption of Vitamins A, D, E and K.

Muscle and Body Fat Analysis

Advanced Technology

All Yummy Body Nutrition clients will receive body composition analysis included in every initial and follow-up nutrition session to monitor and track their progress.

Other Services

Corporate Wellness

On-site dietitian

Most major insurance plans cover anywhere from 3-10 free nutrition counseling sessions per year. This means that there is no cost to your company to have your very own corporate nutrition program. Our dietitians offer the same quality service to your employees as if they were in our private practice. Each session is private and unique to the employee. At the end of each program, our team aggregates biometrics and will report outcomes.

Other offerings:

  • health challenges
  • walking programs
  • weight loss challenge
  • health fair participation
  • nutrition presentations

If you are an employee or employer and would like to learn more about how you can have a dietitian at your office, feel free to give us a call at 484.416.1090.

Virtual Nutrition Services

Convenience from the comfort of your home, office, or even on vacation through our secure video chat portal/app. You don't have to live in Pennsylvania to work with one of our dietitians. The added benefit of having the option of video-chatting with your dietitian allows you to consistently stay committed to your goals. Available for out-of-pocket clients only.

Pantry Makeovers

Comprehensive assessment of your pantry and fridge.

  • Teach food label reading by comparing actual products in your home.
  • Provide guidance on proper food handling, sanitation, and storage practices.
  • Assist with organization that will improve workflow in the kitchen.
  • Suggest healthier food product swaps.