Workplace Wellness

Our health experts meet at your office to provide your
employees with valuable nutrition services, fully
covered by your company’s health insurance.
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Covered by Health Insurance

Let our expert Dietitians help your team finally get healthier with convenient nutrition services right at your office.

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We are in-network with most major insurance carriers.
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& Convenient

Each session is tailored to your employee’s individual needs, goals, and lifestyle.

Nutrition Counseling

Our nutrition program provides convenient one-on-one nutrition counseling for employers looking to improve the health of their workforce. Your corporate office will be assigned one dedicated registered dietitian who will come on-site to your workplace on a recurring basis.

Create Life-Long
Sustainable Habits

We welcome adults at every level of nutrition and fitness. We pride ourselves on offering a positive, inclusive, and client-centered environment. Our philosophy is taking a non-diet approach by promoting small behavioral changes that provide real results but that also promote life-long sustainable habits.

Do your company’s insurance rates continue to rise from employee illness?

A healthier workforce yields lower healthcare and workers’ compensation costs and greater productivity for employers!

What if you could retain and attract the best talent with a competitive benefits package?

Picture having an enhanced wellness program that employees were buzzing about.

Do you want to provide your employees with wellness services, but are concerned with cost?

Imagine if a health expert came directly to your office to provide employees with valuable nutrition services, fully covered by your company’s health insurance.

Are you concerned with the lack and loss of productivity and absenteeism?

Consider what your company would achieve if your team was happy and healthy.

“I wish more people knew their insurance offers certified nutritionist meetings! We have decreased sick days dramatically and I haven’t been sick in the last year! I feel stronger and more healthy now than I did in my 20’s. I thank Yummy Body Nutrition for that!”

–Dr. Brad Bates, Lap of Love
Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do corporate services cost?

Great news! Most major insurance plans cover anywhere from 3-10 nutrition visits per year with a dietitian! Your employees may already be eligible for this benefit, which means there is very little to no cost for you as the employer. Our company bills the insurer directly. We can work with your insurance broker or benefits manager to help determine if your employees are eligible for insurance funded nutrition counseling.

We accept Aetna, Cigna, Highmark, Independence Blue Cross, Blue Cross Blue Shield, BCBS Federal Employee Program, and United Healthcare.

What size companies do you work with?

We service small and medium sized companies with at least 10 employees.

What locations do you serve?

Our dietitians travel through the tri-state area including eastern PA, DE, and NJ.

What impact does nutrition have on employees?

The workplace is an important setting for health protection, health promotion, and disease prevention programs. Our nutrition program aims to support the wellness and health initiatives of companies.

Research has shown that a healthy diet and good nutrition can:

  • Promote weight management and reduce the risk of obesity
  • Reduce the risk of developing high cholesterol, or reduce cholesterol in those who already have high cholesterol
  • Reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes
  • Reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure or reduce blood pressure in those who already have high blood pressure

What are the benefits of improving the health of our company?

Healthy employees are productive employees!

Implementing our program can:

  • Reduce health risks and improve the quality of life
  • Increase employee morale
  • Show your employees that you care and are serious about safeguarding and improving their health.
  • Enhance competitive advantages in obtaining and retaining top talent
  • Lower direct costs such as insurance premiums and worker’s compensation claims
  • Positively impact many indirect costs such as absenteeism and worker productivity.

What additional services do you provide?

We also provide:

  • Group presentations
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Health fairs
  • Group health challenges
  • Healthy vending / cafeteria ideas

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