Ha Nguyen

Haddonfield Office
CEO & Dietitian

Education: Drexel University

* Accepting new clients at Haddonfield location only

Hi, my name is Ha and I am the founder of Yummy Body Nutrition. I’ve been featured in Self Magazine, Prevention, Bravo, and Women’s Health as a nutrition expert.

As a Philly native and foodie, chances are, if you name a restaurant, I’ve been there. From Zahav to SweetGreen, my superpower is finding the best option on any Philly menu. And if I’m not checking out new restaurants, then you can catch me on Yummy Body Nutrition’s instagram sharing my impromptu cooking videos.

I founded my practice on the core beliefs that food can change lives and everyone should have access to credible nutrition information. My practice eliminates virtually any barrier to getting the support our clients need, which is why we partner with doctors, accept insurance, offer evenings and weekends hours, and provide several different meeting locations. Our team is privileged to be a part of our client’s health journey and help them create happier and healthier lives.

Jennifer Andia Warshaw

Office Dietitian

Education: Tufts University

I am a registered dietitian and see clients at Yummy Body Nutrition’s Philadelphia office location.

Having struggled with my weight my whole life, I know it isn’t easy to modify our food habits. I teach clients that it is possible to enjoy indulgences and still achieve weight loss. My favorite foods are ice cream, donuts and pasta and I look forward to learning yours!

When I am not working, I love to cook, go out to eat with my husband. I also love being home, doing DIY projects, binge watching TV and pampering our pets, Lucky, a white Bichon-Frise rescue, and Jinxy, a black polydactyl cat I found lying in the middle of the street in North Philly. 

I work with: adults and older adults, adolescents, teens, racially and culturally diverse populations, medically underserved populations

I specialize in:
– chronic disease management (obesity, preDM, DM, HTN, HLD, NAFLD)
– underweight management (non-eating disorder)
– pain management/arthritis
– food aversions/picky eaters
– PCOS, fertility
– emotional eating/stress management/mindfulness/mindful eating
– food resources and access (discounted produce delivery, availability/farm shares/CSAs, etc)

Allison Kerr

Office Dietitian

Education: West Chester University

I am a registered dietitian and see clients at Yummy Body Nutrition’s Philadelphia office location.

I am the eating disorder registered dietitian at Yummy Body Nutrition. I have experience working in the treatment of eating disorders and disordered eating in various levels of care. I am a weight inclusive and Health At Every Size (HAES) aligned practitioner. I firmly believe in a non-diet approach to nutrition to improve my client’s relationships with food. I focus on helping clients to trust their bodies through practicing the principles of intuitive eating.

Dorothy Hanrahan

Philadelphia Office & Virtual Culinary Dietitian

Education: Drexel University

*now offering virtual cooking classes and pantry reorganization eligible for coverage through insurance

In 2015, I packed up and moved across the country to California to enroll in the Culinary Institute of America’s accelerated culinary program because I realized that cooking was so fundamental to my work with clients.

I am the culinary dietitian at Yummy Body Nutrition. I believe that the best way to teach someone how to eat healthy is by starting in their kitchen. I turn my client’s pantries from overwhelming to organized and slash their cooking time in half. I help the most beginner-level cook to find confidence and joy in being in the kitchen. Let’s sharpen your knife skills and cook a healthy meal together, all while reducing the mess and stress.

I work with: adults, teens, adolescents, and family units diverse across racial, ethnic, and cultural populations

I specialize in:
– all things related to culinary nutrition (pantry, grocery shopping assistance, knife skills, meal planning, kitchen organization, recipe recommendations taking client goals and preferences into account)
– chronic disease prevention & management (HTN, preDM, T1 and T2DM, dyslipidemia, cancer)
– gradual and sustainable weight loss and weight maintenance
– mindful and intuitive eating for improving food-related behaviors
– food access and healthy eating on a budget
– post bariatric surgery nutrition management