Your Health Insurance May
Cover Your Nutrition Visit at No Cost

We are in-network with most major insurance carriers.
Nutrition Counseling Coverage by Plan


Usually covers 10 sessions/year if patient is overweight BMI >25 or obese BMI >30. To determine if you are overweight or obese, please enter your height and weight into this BMI calculator. In our experience, some plans may cover nutrition counseling for normal BMI but you will have to call your insurance to verify your plan’s coverage.

If diabetic, you may be covered for up to 26 sessions/year.

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Independence Blue Cross

Includes plans such as: Personal Choice, Keystone Health Plan East, and Federal Employee Program (FEP)

Guaranteed coverage for 6 sessions/year, $0 cost. No need to call insurance to verify.

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Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)

May include plans such as: Blue Cross Blue Shield, BCBS of [out of state], Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem BCBS Of California

Usually covers 6 sessions/year

Some plans may: require a co-pay or offer unlimited sessions. Please call insurance to verify.

Horizon BCBS of NJ

May include plans such as: Horizon BCBS of NJ-Direct Access, Horizon BCBS of NJ-Direct, Horizon BCBS of NJ-POS.

Usually covers 3 sessions/year

Some plans may require a co-pay. Please call insurance to verify.


Usually covers at least 3 sessions/year. Most plans cover unlimited. That’s right, unlimited!!!

United Healthcare

United Healthcare nutrition counseling coverage varies greatly from plan to plan. Some plans have no nutrition counseling coverage while other plans may offer unlimited. Please call your insurance to verify coverage.

We understand that nutrition is important and want to make our services accessible. Our team of registered dietitians located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Haddonfield, New Jersey accept most major insurance plans including Aetna, Cigna, Independence Blue Cross Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (Horizon Blue), United Healthcare, Federal Employee Program (FEP) BCBS, Keystone Health Plan East, and Personal Choice.

We have outlined frequently asked questions and as much coverage information that we know on this page. Please understand that nutrition counseling coverage varies widely from plan to plan and from state to state. There is no way for us to know the coverage details of every single insurance plan. Our office is happy to assist you in verifying coverage but any information provided is not a guarantee of coverage. Patients are ultimately responsible for any payment if insurance coverage is denied.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which health insurance companies are Yummy Body Nutrition in-network with?

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Independence BlueCrossBlueShield
  • Highmark BCBS
  • Horizon BCBS of NJ
  • United Healthcare
  • Federal Employee Program (FEP) BCBS*
  • Keystone Health Plan East*
  • Personal Choice*

*6 covered sessions, no referral/copay

Does Yummy Body Nutrition accept Medicare/Medicaid?

At this time, we are not accepting medicare or medicaid but have plans underway to be able to offer insurance reimbursement for nutrition counseling in the very near future (early 2021). Keep in mind that medicare does not cover weight loss programs. Medicare only covers renal disease and diabetes—not weight loss.

We unfortunately are NOT in network with medicare/medicaid and the following state plans: Aetna Better Health, Keystone First, Health Partners, United Health Care Community Plan, and Horizon NJ Health, to name a few.


Please refer to our out of pocket pricing.

How do I confirm if my insurance covers nutrition services with Yummy Body Nutrition?

We understand that no one likes receiving a surprise bill from their insurance, so we always encourage patients to call their insurance to verify coverage before their first nutrition appointment. We’ve outlined some questions below to make the process as seamless as possible:

Call your health insurance and ask the following:

  1. Am I covered for preventative nutrition counseling under my plan?
  2. If the insurance representative asks for the provider’s NPI, provide the NPI for the Dietitian you are scheduled with:
    – Ha Nguyen, RDN, LDN – 1194193425
    – Jennifer Warshaw MS, MPH, RDN, LDN – 1649897026
    – Dorothy Hanrahan, MS, RDN, LDN – 1962861831
  3. Give the insurance representative the diagnosis of Z71.3 and the procedure codes 97802 and 97803.
  4. If the insurance representative tells you that you are not covered with the diagnosis code of Z71.3, provide the representative with additional diagnosis codes that pertain to you:
    – Overweight (E66.3) (Body mass index >25)
    – Obesity (E66.9) (Body mass index >30)
    – Hyperlipidemia/High cholesterol (E78.5)
    – Pre Diabetes (R73.03)
    – Type II Diabetes (E11)
    – High blood pressure/Hypertension (I10)

If the insurance representative confirms you are covered, ask the following questions:

  1. Do I need a referral?
  2. How many sessions am I covered for?
  3. Are these sessions covered through each calendar year (Jan 1- Dec 31) or each benefit period?
  4. Do I have a specialist co-pay?
  5. Can I get a reference number for this call?

What happens if my insurance doesn’t cover my nutrition session?

We will notify you if your claim is denied.

Our office will charge your credit card on file for the cost of the session which could range from $120-$180.

What is the cost of nutrition sessions?

View YBN SERVICE RATES . Packages are available.

Cash, credit, or check made payable to Yummy Body Nutrition are accepted at the time of the initial appointment.

Can I pay for nutrition services with my FSA/HSA account?

Yes. If you wish to use a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA), please bring your debit card to your first appointment. You may want to call the card company first to determine if nutrition counseling may be an appropriate service that your plan will cover. We are happy to provide a receipt.

How can I prepare for my first nutrition appointment?

  1. Call your insurance to verify that you are covered for nutrition services
  2. Complete the online intake forms via your client portal
  3. Refrain from having a large meal 2-3 hours before your appointment time if you plan on getting weighed on the Inbody scale.
  4. Please bring your insurance card and Photo ID to your appointment