How to Build a Healthy Sandwich at Wawa

Even though summer is over, Wawa’s Hoagiefest seems to always live on through every season in the city of brotherly love. Many of my clients enjoy a good hoagie for lunch and it’s even a go-to for some families when dinner time consists of driving kids to and from soccer practice. Don’t fret. I’ve compiled a list of dietitian-approved ingredients that will help you feel confident and proud when ordering.



2 slices of wheat bread  ~180 calories

1 shorti wheat roll ~290 calories

1 slice of cheese ~100 calories

To save 90-100 calories, skip the cheese or have sandwiches opened faced by losing 1 slice of bread. If you have a shorti roll, definitely skip the cheese.

2. Meat


Oven roasted turkey 80 cal/680 mg Na/16 g pro

Honey smoked turkey 90 cal/860 mg Na/16 g pro

Roast beef 120 cal/380 mg Na/22 g pro


Hot Turkey 120 cal/800 mg Na/14 g pro

Chicken Steak 140 cal/560 mg Na/22 g pro

Roasted Chicken 150 cal/600 mg Na/25 g pro

If you’re not feeling super hungry, choose veggie (0 calories) or roasted veggie 60 cal/250 mg Na/2 g pro

3. Spreads

mustard ~3 calories

mayo (little bit) ~30 calories

honey mustard ~40 calories

spicy mustard ~30 calories

For reference, ranch dressing will run you ~200 calories and if you get a regular serving of mayo (not “little bit”),  it will run you ~100 calories.

4. Toppings

Add all of the veggies you like because fresh veggies only contain  about 5-10 calories. The benefits of the fiber, nutrients, and water content of veggies far outweigh their negligible calories.

Hot peppers
Jalapeno Peppers
Roasted veggies (30 calories, these veggies have oil, definitely won’t break the calorie bank but just be mindful these have more calories)
Roasted peppers
Sweet peppers

Swap lettuce for spinach. Spinach has 10x the amount of lutein and zeaxanthin (antioxidants) than lettuce. 

Skip the extra cheese and meats.

You can use Wawa’s easy-to-use Nutrition Calculator to build your favorite sandwich and discover how many calories it is.

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