Stay Slim and Healthy Through the Holiday Parties

  1. If you have a few events lined up, pick your battle: Which ones could you take a pass on the food and which ones would be so delectable that you anticipate really enjoying? It’s not necessary to indulge at all of them.
  2. Ladies, wear a form fitting outfit and gentlemen, put your belt on a hole that is quite snug. This will be a constant reminder throughout the night to watch what you eat.
  3. Going to a potluck? Bring your favorite healthy dish so you can have something to “fall back on” in case there are no good options. Don’t worry, you won’t be “that person.” Everyone does appreciate a healthy dish as an option at a party. Literally, you’re not the only one trying to eating healthy during the holiday season.
  4. Eat before you go out. Something high in fiber like a bowl of Fiber One cereal that fills up your belly. Or, follow the Yummy Body snack guide. 
  5. For the navigating the stations, the raw bar/seafood, crudite, fruit, sushi and carving stations are your friend. Try to avoid the cheese and pasta stations.
    1. When presented with display stations, peruse the tables, and examine your options. What are some foods that are safe? What do you really really want to try and what can you do without that aren’t worth it. Every bite, lick, taste, and sip counts so choose wisely.
    2. For hors d’oeuvres, your best bets are the skewers. Any thing on a stick is usually a purely lean protein option. It could be chicken skewers or shrimp cocktail. These are low in fat and high in protein which will help fill you up and keep you full.
    3. It would be evil to tell you that you can’t go to the dessert station! Of course you can make room for dessert, but remember to really make room for it. Before you have dessert, you should not feel stuffed or feel like you could have skipped those last few bites of food. You should feel comfortable.
  6. Politely avoid the peer pressure. Your friends, co-workers or family members may egg you on to eat. “Oh, what’s a bite? or “What, are you on a diet or something?” Here are some things you can say: “That looks delicious but I’m so full” or “My dietitian told me to practice mindful eating.” (Yes, you can always blame me! :P)
  7. When it comes to alcohol, stick to wine, wine spritzer, light beer, or your favorite liquor with club soda and a splash of juice.

Remember, Christmas is one day—just one day. That’s why it’s called Christmas Day and not “Christmas month” or “Christmas week.” No one is overweight because they indulge on big holidays. It’s the decisions you make every other day of the year so do your best but enjoy your holiday with friends and family!