• SHOP: A Dietitian’s Favorite Things

    Check out our corporate dietitian, Shaylyn Lynch’s top picks of her favorite food and kitchen products.

    Banza Products

    Seeds of Change Brown Rice/Quinoa

    Siggi’s Vanilla Yogurt

    Rx bars

    Frozen Vegetables (any brand)

    Edamame Hummus

    Canned black beans and garbanzo beans
    Alexa sweet potato fries

    Kellogg’s Bran Buds

    21 whole grains and seeds Dave’s Killer Bread

    Reusable water bottle for tracking intake

    Dishwand – easy for washing pots […]

  • What a Dietitian Buys at Trader Joe’s

    I frequent different grocery stores including ACME, the Italian Market, and ALDI but here are some reason why I really like to shop at Trader Joe’s:

    -the people are very nice
    -there aren’t different brands to sift through
    -they usually don’t have sales so you don’t have to waste time comparing prices
    -most items stay fresh for a long […]